Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hello ladies and gents! What's up???? Today has been a good day, and I made some things to decorate the kitchen with in our house.

So, when we first moved in (we moved in in August of last year), things were just not going the way we planned. The house was foreclosed, and had been vacant for a year. Needless to say, there were a lot of things that needed attention before we could move in. We knew we wanted to paint before we got all the furniture in, etc., so we started in the kitchen. The walls looked like they had never been painted (stains everywhere), and there was a horrible wall paper border that went all the way around the kitchen close to the ceiling (no offense to those of you who like wall paper). So, we started to peel the wall paper off the walls, and I had to double look when my dad called for my attention... THE PAINT UNDER THE WALLPAPER WAS PEELING OFF WITH IT... AND NOT ONLY THAT, BUT THE FIRST LAYER OF DRYWALL WAS COMING OFF TOO!!! This was horrible. So, long story short, we peeled off what we needed to, plastered, sanded, primed, and painted the entire kitchen. I had a color theme that I wanted to achieve... gray, aqua blue, white, and black. So, my original plan was to do a stripe with pinstripes on the walls with paint. That was a disaster, when I went to peel the tape off the wall, it did exactly what the walls had done before, so we fixed everything and just kept the kitchen with white walls... so that's when I decided to put my creativeness to use in our kitchen and make some art. I have some art that I have made already in my kitchen (I can take pictures later of it), and I was looking around, and decided that I needed some more art. One thing that I am really into right now is how cute cakes/cupcakes/and icecream cones are. I got the Sweet Treats cartridge out, and went to town. However, I added a color to highlight different things in the cuts... PINK! Who could resist, and MY HUSBAND APPROVED! HE ACTUALLY LIKED THE COLOR PINK I PICKED OUT... and I glittered it.. LOL!! Well, let's get on to it!!

Here is the cake that I made at 5 inches, and backed it with a black piece of paper cut at 4"x6".

Here is a piece of cake/pie that I cut at 5 inches as well, and backed it with a black piece of paper cut at 4"x6".

This is the ice cream sundae that was VERY cute in Sweet Treats, I cut this at 5 inches as well, and backed it with a gray piece of paper cut at 4"x6".

This next piece came out a little larger, even though it was still cut at 5 inches. This one I had to back with a white piece of paper cut at 8"x10".

I hope you guys enjoyed my little story that I felt I had to share to let you know why I was decorating with "pictures" instead of just painting my walls. :) Thank you for sharing it with me!!!!

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