Monday, April 5, 2010


All right!! So, with my doctor appointment being tomorrow morning, and I am getting my stitches taken out; I thought I would make a few cards for some birthdays coming up. I won't say who these are for so I don't ruin the surprise!

With my knee being the way it is, when I want to cut something out with my cricut, I chose one cartridge, and use only that one while I am working so I don't have to go through a course to get another one. Today, I used Sweet Treats.

Here is the first:

Now, this next card I went all out on... You know when you are in a craft store, and you see something SUPER cute that you think you could use on a card? Well, I found a really cute set of stickers, and they were SO CUTE, that I never wanted to use them... LOL! So, I chose one of the "less cute" stickers, and justified it in my head that I had to use it because I wanted this card to be really stinkin' cute. Drum roll please...

I loved this darn thing! Everything on it screams glitter- which is fabulous!
I also included a picture of the inside of this card, because it's pretty cute too, and I used another couple of stickers on the inside.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed what I was doing today. I certainly did! Feel free to leave comments or questions! Have a great night!!

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